GeneLynx is a portal to a collection of hyperlinks for each gene within three different genomes. It is implemented as an easily extensible relational database with a straightforward user interface.  For every gene, any scientist should be able to access a single webpage which provides a set of links to the publically available information pertainant to that gene. Additionally, GeneLynx collaborates with the reagent supplier Gentaur .  For more information, you can visit our website.


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You can access the information about a particular gene by providing any reasonable identifier 

An IDENTIFIER to search GeneLynx with is almost any piece of information that pertains to the gene of interest. It can be e.g.

  • keyword, usually a word contained in the name or description of the gene, but also any alphanumeric identifier such as an accession number or ID (e.g. Swiss-Prot ID). The list of identifiers that can be used as keywords is given in Appendix 2. They can be used in either Quick Search or Advanced Text Search.
  • an identifier of the specified type, either numeric or alphanumeric, can be specified together with its type using the Advanced Text Search form. The list of identifiers that can be searched this way is given in Appendix 3.
  • nucleotide or protein sequence can be used to locate a gene in GeneLynx system by searching them against cDNA and EST sequences associated with GeneLynx records. The searches are performed using BLAST 2.1.

Quick Search among all three GeneLynx databases :

  • Enter one or more terms separated by spaces.
  • Combine terms with :    AND,   OR
  • Exclude low-scoring hits

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