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Custom Lentivirus

  1. LG501 Lenti-Green
  2. LG501 Lenti-Green-Blast
  3. LG501 Lenti-Green-Hygro
  4. LG501 Lenti-Green-puro
  5. LG502 Lenti-Red
  6. LG502 Lenti-Red-Blast
  7. LG503 Lenti-mCherry
  8. LG504 Lenti-Yellow
  9. LG505 Lenti-NGFR
  10. LG506 Lenti-Luciferase
  11. LG507 Lenti-eGFP-Cre
  12. LG507 Lenti-eGFP-Cre-Blast
  13. LG508 Lenti-hTERT-eGFP
  14. LG508 Lenti-hTERT-RFP-Blast (back order!)
  15. LG509 Lenti-Large T Ag-GFP

+ Lv-miRNA

+ Lv-shRNA

+ Multi-i

+ Multi-i Control



 make Custom Lentivirus and produce Ready to Use & High Titer viral supernatant for you. Please enter the gene/shRNA of interests and click the options of promoters, trackers and antibiotics. We will do the rest for you.

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  No Tracker


    Turnaround time: 4-6 weeks.

    • Finished lentivirus vector carrying gene of interest with tracker.
    • Two vials (200uL/vial) ready to use and high titer (1x10^7TU/mL) viral supernatant.
    • Sequence/map/protocol related information.
    Special Note:


What is the advantages of Multi-I vectors over other shRNA vectors?

The multi-I vectors have the same features as other shRNA vectors, and plus:

• These Multi-I vectors are special designed for facilitating combination of multiple shRNAs in one vector.

• The Multi-I CMV vectors allow you to over-express a desired gene while expressing the shRNAs simultaneously.

• The Multi-I series offer multiple choices of promoters and selection markers.

Is it easy to generate shRNA constructs using the Multi-I vectors?

Yes. We offer pre-digested vectors for effortlessly inserting the synthesized shRNA sequences. Just follow the protocols included in the package. You will get positive clones without any difficulty.

Why do we use the RNA polymerase III promoters to express small hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) for gene knockdown?

The U6, H1 and 7SK belong to the RNA polymerase III promoters. They have a well defined start site and stop signal with required regulatory elements located immediately upstream of the transcripted sequence. These features make them easy to manipulate for direct expression of shRNAs.

How to choose the promoters for expressing shRNAs?

Basically, there is no much difference among the promoters U6, H1 and 7SK on driving shRNAs expression. The U6 and H1 promoters are commonly used for expressing shRNA. The U6 has been shown to be more efficient than the H1 promoter in expressing shRNAs. The efficiency of the 7SK promoter is comparable to the efficiency of U6 promoters. People preferred one to another. You may choose the proper promoters depending on your desires.

How do the Multi-I CMV vectors work on simultaneous gene knock-down and knock-in?

The Multi-I CMV vectors contain a RNA polymerase III promoter U6, H1 or 7SK and a CMV promoter. The promoter U6, H1 or 7SK can be used to drive shRNAs expression while the CMV promoter can be used to over express your desired gene. These Multi-I CMV vectors also allow you to simply combine multiple shRNAs.

Do you offer the service for generating multiple shRNAs constructs?

Yes, We do.